The Hardy Boys - The Hidden Theft

The Hardy Boys - The Hidden Theft 1.01

The Hardy Boys - The Hidden Theft is an amazing adventure game
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The Hardy Boys - The Hidden Theft is an amazing adventure game developed by The Adventure Company and published by Dreamcatcher Interactive.
In this amazing game you will find a lot of thrilling adventure, mystery and suspense.

Somebody robbed the vault at Spencer Mansion, the Hardy Boys are called by the Bayport Police to help them solve this mystery which has some loose ends. Unknowingly and unwillingly, they find themselves involved in the investigation of a major crime which will lead them to take part in an adventure all over the city of Bayport, and also to New York City. Somehow the clues they find don not help in the solving of the case. Thus our heroes named Frank and Joe are going to find themselves trapped in a blood-curdling mystery.

You will have to find out whether the robbery is linked to something from the past or not. Frank and Joe will also have to find and solve the clues in time to avoid the happening of more crimes.

Graphic & Sounds
In general terms, this two aspect are good, the only mention to make is that the music is not outstanding.
So if you like adventure and solving complicated mysteries, this game is a must for you.

María Noel Balla
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  • Great intriguing story


  • The music section is not very good
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